The Mandela Effect – What Caused It & Is It A Bad Thing?


Please check out this video from Thoughty2 and then let’s discuss the Mandela Effect below and my theory of what caused it…

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I’m going to share my thoughts, data and ideas of what I think the Mandela Effect is. Please share your comments and ideas as well. This is what Mr Futurist is all about.

Now let’s get into a discussion on the Mandela Effect and my ideas of what is causing it.

I believe that Quantum Computers are being used to try to connect with and exploit the Multiverse or Parallel Universes. Sounds like Sci-fi but I will back this up.

CERN is trying to create microscopic Black Holes.

From CERN’s website;

“Another way of revealing extra dimensions would be through the production of “microscopic black holes”. What exactly we would detect would depend on the number of extra dimensions, the mass of the black hole, the size of the dimensions and the energy at which the black hole occurs. If micro black holes do appear in the collisions created by the LHC, they would disintegrate rapidly, in around 10-27 seconds. They would decay into Standard Model or supersymmetric particles, creating events containing an exceptional number of tracks in our detectors, which we would easily spot. Finding more on any of these subjects would open the door to yet unknown possibilities.” (1)

Keep in mind, that many of the world’s top Scientists and Physicists are working on Quantum Computing and work at CERN, and are trying to exploit the Multiverse. I believe CERN is right and that Black Holes are not only doorways to Parallel Universes but also create a Holographic Simulation. For more on this see; ARE WE LIVING IN A HOLOGRAPHIC SIMULATION AND WHAT IS CREATING IT – MY THEORY

Let’s jump out of the rabbit hole for a moment, do you really think that these organizations controlling this future technology are going to tell all of us what’s really going on and what they are doing? It could really freak out a society that knows very little about science and future technology.

Maybe they shouldn’t. Would most people even care or want to try and understand it? It’s not like emerging future technology, in the technological revolution, is the hottest of topics right now, with the masses. Although, the Mandela Effect is getting some serious attention because people are experiencing it. What do you think?

My Mandela Effect Theory

I think we have been able to somewhat simulate, our simulation. In doing so, we have shifted some people’s conscious reality simulation. Millions of us experiencing the Mandela Effect, shifted into a new perceived parallel universe, much like the one we were in but with some differences or another very similar parallel universe shifted into ours and brought its residue. Either way, it happened. This could also be the beginning of even stranger things and a side effect of Scientists exploring and exploiting the Multiverse.

I’ve been experiencing some interesting things for a while and can truthfully say that there are glitches in the simulation. Like all programs, there are glitches and bugs from time to time. Have you found this to be true in your life?

Why Do Some People Remember Everything Always Being The Way It Is & Don’t Remember Things They Used Too?

When you talk to some people, even family members, some may remember Mandela Effect changes as the way that things have always been and look at you like you’re losing it. This has happened to me a few times or they will not remember something that happened that you have discussed and talked about for years. Suddenly it never happened. This is because we either entered in that person’s simulated reality or residue from their simulated reality entered into ours and things have always been this way for them. Some past life events we remember never happened in their simulated reality.

The Mandela Effect Leaves Residue From The Other Simulation

You will find some residue from your past reality simulation. Like JFK’s 4 seater he was assassinated in, Queen Live and Freddie Mercury singing, We are the champions of the world, at the end of the song, some movie quotes, older logos and other things. How long will they be around?

Some Mandela Effect Residue (For Now)

Is The Mandela Effect A Bad Thing?

I don’t think it is, in fact, it could be a great thing. Imagine being able to manifest and do all the things you couldn’t do in your old reality simulation but now you can in this one. What do you think? What’s been your experience with the Mandela Effect?

To really understand my theory and make my case of what the Mandela Effect is, you will need to check out these articles… Then re-read this short article and consider what I said and then add your comments. This is a public discussion, not just my theory so check out this reference material below.





(1) Extra dimensions, gravitons, and tiny black holes

20 Examples Of The Mandela Effect That’ll Make You Believe You’re In A Parallel Universe

I’ve added some great books and videos to stimulate your mind and thinking, click on the title of the book or the book for more reviews…

The Beginning of Infinity: Explanations That Transform the World by David Deutsch


Stalking the Wild Pendulum: On the Mechanics of Consciousness by Itzhak Bentov

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Elizabeth Novak – Shared a Link

The Case Against Reality – A professor of cognitive science argues that the world is nothing like the one we experience through our senses


Seth Renville – We may actually jusy be merging with other realities as the total energetic potential of our reality rises, possibly due to the excess energy stored as information in more and more brains, ever expanding and fighting the force or entropy, causing our reality “bubble” to stretch into, and, subsequently, overlap with, other such “bubbles”.


Andrew Skow –  You come off as a crazy person. But I think you’d like a book series called Substrate Wars by Jen Kinnison. Might also want to glance through some blog posts or papers by dWave systems.

Mr Futurist Replied: Look at this…its a link in the article above that relates what you’re talking about. Mr Futurist posted a Link



Kalyx DeVeaux – Yeah dude nice try. I just don’t think you really connected CERN to creating new alternate realities. There’s not enough proof of causality.



  1. Humans are their own Double Slit experiments. The data (of the experiment, its result or its ongoingness) gets coded by our Miracle Inside trademarked brains. We then become a lending library to others and to Mass Consciousness (MC). That is why E(nergy) = MC2.

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