Parallel Realities, The Multiverse And Consciousness


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Amazing news this week. It was announced that;

“We found a world that we had never imagined, said Henry Markram, director of Blue Brain Project. “There are tens of millions of these objects even in a small speck of the brain, up through seven dimensions. In some networks, we even found structures with up to eleven dimensions.”(1)

Scientists at the Blue Brain Project have found tens of millions of objects in a small speck of the brain that are multidimensional and have found that the brain operates on up to 11 different dimensions at the same time, creating multiverse-like structures.

According to the article;

“Each neuron connects to every other neuron in a very specific way to produce a precise geometric object. The more neurons in a clique, the higher the dimensions. The structures assembled formed enclosures for high-dimensional holes that the team have dubbed cavities. Once the brain has processed the information, the clique and cavity disappears.”(2)

I have a link to this article below if you haven’t seen it. I also added all of the stories from different sources to validate this amazing information.

I will give you my theory on this and how the multiverse works with consciousness.

I have had this theory for a while and it fits my simulation theory but now seems like the perfect time to discuss it, given the research and findings from the Blue Brain Project.

My theory is this;

We are unconsciously and consciously living in a multiverse of infinite parallel realities all the time; they are all around us. We don’t usually consciously experience them because what we call consciousness only allows us to experience one simulation at a time.

Your conscious is split into millions, perhaps billions of simulated realities or dimensions. Many of these dimensions are very similar, almost identical to the one your conscious is experiencing right now but many of them are lower and higher dimensions of consciousness that don’t resemble anything you can even imagine. Your lower planes of conscious are in zero, one or two dimensions, together they make up your present third level dimensional conscious. Just because the lower dimensions of conscious make up a third level dimensional conscious doesn’t mean that your conscious isn’t still in multiple lower dimensional levels within zero or one or two and a combination of these, because it is. In your current three-dimensional consciousness, all data is read as zero and one but in the next level of consciousness, we can isolate zero and one. Each then become portals or black holes to parallel dimensions; the same way a quantum computer works with qubits.

One way to look at this is, your conscious is in infinite dimensional levels of consciousness within what I believe are ten main universal levels, and each level contains an infinite number of universes and dimensions, that each of us resides in at the same time as different realities. All of these infinite dimensions or universes are parallel realities at different energy levels and all of them are simulations. In another article, I will get into how I discovered the ten universal levels of infinity.

In our current consciousness and dimensional level, this is how we space jump or quantum shift

Whenever we have a thought and take an action on that thought, we shift into a parallel reality where the action behind the thought affects our dimensional reality, shifting us into a new dimension or parallel universe. Another you has the same idea, but acts on it differently or not at all (this is called polarity), because every thought and action has a reaction somewhere. Every thought and the action or non-action behind a thought creates a new reality for us, which we then live in and build upon. The old Napoleon Hill quote, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”, is true because we are constantly building new dimensions of reality for ourselves with our thoughts and actions and we can shift back and forth between them at times. Some of these other parallel dimensions or realities are so close to the one we believe our consciousness is in, that most of the time we don’t even realize the shift. Since there is no such thing as time and everything in the universe is expanding, it makes sense that consciousness would also be continuing to expand. When consciousness shifts or expands into other dimensional realities, it always affects and is affected by its current environment, just as it affects all the other dimensional environments as well. Since consciousness is expanding and creating many effects, it is not isolated, therefore, like quantum decoherence, these waves of particle simulated energy are always becoming unstable and being rebuilt. I explained this in my holographic simulation theory, when we are not observing multiple wave energy patterns or the holographic effects they are creating, these energy patterns collapse back into a black hole through the Sun because they are protons and an invisible, unmeasurable light creating a patterned effect. (3)

Martin Savage, a UW physics professor, said, “there are signatures of resource constraints in present-day simulations that are likely to exist as well in simulations in the distant future, including the imprint of an underlying lattice if one is used to model the space-time continuum.

The supercomputers performing lattice quantum chromodynamics calculations essentially divide space-time into a four-dimensional grid. That allows researchers to examine what is called the strong force, one of the four fundamental forces of nature and the one that binds subatomic particles called quarks and gluons together into neutrons and protons at the core of atoms.

If you make the simulations big enough, something like our universe should emerge, Savage said. Then it would be a matter of looking for a “signature” in our universe that has an analog in the current small-scale simulations.”

Savage and colleagues Silas Beane of the University of New Hampshire, who collaborated while at the UW’s Institute for Nuclear Theory, and Zohreh Davoudi, a UW physics graduate student, suggest that the signature could show up as a limitation in the energy of cosmic rays.(4)

The idea of human death is our particle simulation collapsing and our conscious jumping to another perceived simulation within the dimensional parallel realities we have created. This would explain thousands of years of advanced Indian mathematical spiritual philosophy, as well as all paranormal phenomenon in our current state or dimension of consciousness, as well as the idea of reincarnation.

Recently, there was a major shift in consciousness that millions of people have perceived and are continuing to experience. It’s called the “Mandela Effect”. I don’t think it’s caused by some mass collective false memory, source-monitoring error or the misinformation effect. I’m experiencing it myself and have a theory this is happening because scientists using quantum computers are closer to working with or are working with parallel dimensions of reality, opening parallel dimensions.(5) Mass social media and communication now allows people to quickly illuminate ideas and discussions online. Had the Mandela Effect not been something many people experienced profoundly, it wouldn’t have the popularity online that it does.

In the Blue Brain Project article, it states, “the structures assembled formed enclosures for high-dimensional holes that the team have dubbed cavities.”(6) My theory is that these cavities as they are calling them are black holes. Take a look at the picture in the article.

Our universe and the human body share a similar trait.

95% of our universe is made from dark energy (68%) and dark matter (27%) two things that cannot be measured, that Scientists have no idea what they are but yet this invisible, unmeasurable thing makes up most of our universe. (7)

The human body is made of atoms and is therefore 99.9999999999999% empty space. An invisible, unmeasurable thing that makes up most of our body and all of material existence.(8)

According to my theory, Scientists will end up hitting a roadblock at some point. Similar to a holographic image. Cut a holographic image into two pieces and they are exactly alike but as the hologram is divided into more and more pieces, the pieces start becoming blurred and less and less like the original image. In Quantum Mechanics this is known as quantum decoherence or the loss of quantum coherence from unstable particles because the system particles connected to the systems environment become decayed over time.  Keep in mind, that the act of observation or measurement has an effect on how particles act.

The next step is to bypass the limitation of the human mind by creating ultra-intelligent artificial intelligence using superior computers (even beyond quantum computers) to navigate the multiverse. Of course, we will never as humans be able to fully understand the data and science. This would be similar to a Scientist trying to explain theoretical physics to a four year old child. To fully understand the multiverse and how it operates we will have to isolate our consciousness in it and from it and experience it as an ultra-intelligent machine conscious would. Of course, in that case, we would no longer be considered a biological human being.




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John Craig – I’ve decided to be as civil as I can and give this a rating of “highly speculative”.


Kim Jackson – Interesting, and within the realm of possibility.


Jared Kohler – i once proposed that the expansion of the universe was the volumetric tit-for-tat reaction of increasing consciousness – that consciousness was what was creating the bubble we call the universe, and the more intelligences were born into it, and the higher their intelligence became, the more literal space expanded. This was a far out notion that was inclusive of all possible intelligence in the cosmos, not just human or even terrestrial intelligence. Now that, friend, is highly speculative.


Millennium Twain – Whole Corporate $tate B$. For illiterate Con$umers who have never studied physics, astronomy, electronics, music — wouldn’t know a star from a star-stream, a galaxy from a galaxy-filament — or an electromagnetic wave from beer or a chocolate bar …


Thomas Crews – Is very interesting, sadly men will destroy life on earth before he recognize himself in the mirror.?


James Toupin – That is not a theory. It is not even an hypothesis as it makes no predictions and is not testable to confirm or falsify the premises. Also, the research was on brain structure and the connectivity of neurons. It shows that neurons can communicate in as many as 11 different directions within a 3 dimensional physical brain.


Matt Habermehl – This is interesting, but I sympathize with the situation you find yourself in: In order to fully explain the idea it would take a book-length piece of writing, and without fully explaining it you may be misinterpreted. So be warned I may be misinterpreting you. However, I noticed that the article you linked to was one that linked to a second article, but neither were the original source material. If you go to the source, you realize that any talk of dimensionality is simply a way of speaking about the number of neurons in a clique in terms set by algebraic topology. Cliques of Neurons Bound into Cavities Provide a Missing Link between Structure and Function

So I would hesitate to say that the quotes you derived from the article support your theory in any way, if interpreted in their original context.

Reply Mr Futurist: Matt, you are correct that in the article dimensionality is talking about something with a geometric shape that is measurable, such as length, breadth, depth, or height. What these Scientists discovered is that these dimensions or geometric, measurable shapes within their supercomputer reconstruction of the human brain and it’s neural network structure, were beyond three-dimensional (shapes conform to dimensions of space) and were operating in as many as 11 dimensions. These dimensions are a representation of space, created as a geometric object so that it can be measured.  In our simulated reality, geometric shapes are represented and measured in 3-dimensional space by the human brain and its neural network structure. Since these Scientists were using a computer representation of the human brain and its neural network structure, this would mean our brain and its neural network structure could be operating in 11 dimensions of space as well. My theory goes way beyond that but the article does support the fact that the human brain and its neural network structure is capable of operating in more than 3-dimensional space. Again, this space is mathematically and geometrically represented as a material shape or dimension so it can be measured.  Thanks for your intelligent response and bringing this to my attention so I could address it and add the original article. That is what Mr Futurist is all about.


Hugo Ferreira – Why do you need parallel realities or multiverses to create consciousness?


Jesse Hilaire – The problem with the theory is it is not falsifiable. You cannot disprove but at the same time, it can basically make up an explanation for anything. Unfortunately, it’s explanatory power includes things that cannot be confirmed which hurts the theories credibility and consistency with our currently understood theories.


Rodney Berry – Yes, there are many theories out there that are being considered by science, that approach this issue.. This looks good as well.. Respect


Chris Harvey – my theory is that there is an alternate universe inside every living skull.

Reply: Rodney Berry – So true..


Tim Davies – Non science ! No texts no data etc

Reply: Rodney Berry – There are those out there that believe they have data on the brain that may prove such??? I believe I have seen such. Its been awhile.. Respect


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