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A few weeks ago, I discussed Replika the Ai ap you train to be your best friend and asked if it was creepy or cool?

If you haven’t checked out that article here is a link

Replika Really Cool or Creepy Artificial Intelligence

What I confirmed from the responses to this story is that most people will read online reviews about what other people, people they don’t know, are saying about something to get their opinion of it. Interesting. Why not try it yourself, can you really trust reviews from people you don’t even know and who is really posting those reviews?

Some people understood that they already have very limited privacy in life. See my article

Shocking Data Analytics and Mind Control of the Future

Even though, people have very little privacy left, most people felt that the deepest parts of themselves they don’t share with anyone or very few people should remain private and no one or nothing has a right to those.

The few people that were religious absolutely hated the idea and tied it to some grand demon and end of the world theory. Which shows that we all come a view of life from our environmental programming and the world we create for ourselves in our simulation.

See: Are We Living in a Holographic Simulation and What is Creating It?

When I brought up the fact that a lot of people (including the people I was talking with, were putting their emotional input into Facebook pages) and asked what happens when Facebook and other social media sites give you a device that you can wear and use your brain waves to control your account with, the conversation went dead cold at the point.

Speaking about dead cold…

This week I’m going to discuss bringing the dead back to life with artificial intelligence and social media. A digital memorial service.

Let’s look at DeadSocial.

According to DeadSocial’s website:

“The way in which we plan for death grieve and remember has changed forever. DeadSocial provides free tools, tutorials, and events to help the general public understand and address death in today’s ever changing World.”

“No one knows when their life will end, therefore it is important to prepare for death both physically and digitally for when the time comes.”

“As a society we are generally very bad at preparing for death in the physical world, mentally and in the digital world. By thinking about and making plans for what we would like to happen towards the end of our lives, once we die and at our funeral we are able to make the logistics easier on ourselves and those who are left behind. By spending a very little amount of time stating and documenting our end of life wishes we can help to significantly reduce the grieving process and heartache caused upon our death.”

The way this works is that you create a social media will executor who is in charge of sending out your social media messages once you are dead. You can even assign many executors.

You can even time messages to be sent out on certain dates to different people. Your social media will executor activates your messages after your dead through DeadSocial and they go out as scheduled through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

DeadSocial also includes tools like;

Funeral-tech tutorials that show how to plan your funeral, as well as End of Life planning tutorials.

Like with Replika, I will be trying out the service and give you my ideas and thoughts on it in another article and podcast. Hopefully, no one will be sending out any of my emails from the sight anytime soon.

Imagine, being on Facebook and you suddenly get a message from a family member that says they have died and now they are giving you their real deepest feelings for you before they died. This could be really interesting if it goes in a negative direction.

On your birthday, your deceased family member wishes you a happy birthday on Facebook and gives you a message of encouragement from the great beyond.

On holidays and important days in your life, there is your deceased family member sending you a tweet or message on LinkedIn they wrote in advance, just for you.

What do you think about this kind of digital memorial service? Is this something you would ever consider using? Why would you use it or why wouldn’t you?

They say as of this article;

“We are busy working on the next big update and think that you are going to love it. Once it is live we will allow another 10,000 users to use the service for free.”

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