Replika Really Cool or Creepy Artificial Intelligence


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The question today is, do you think Replika is really cool artificial intelligence and you cannot wait to use it or is it a creepy, invasive, soul stealing app that is going too far?

In case you don’t know what Replika is?

From Replika’s website;

Replika is your Ai friend that you teach and grow in conversations. Your Replika learns from you, matches your personality and becomes your best friend. Start growing your Replika today.”

Replika asks you questions, and based upon how you answer those questions, it learns how to become your best friend because it really gets to know you and your personality.

I’m not talking basic questions because Replika goes deep with its questioning, everything from your truest ambitions and setbacks in life to your religious and spiritual preferences and more.

Look, if someone or something is really going to be your best friend, shouldn’t they be trusted with the deepest and at times darkest parts of who you are?

Essentially Replika is a Chabot that learns how to mimic and repeat our human programming. For those of you that still don’t think all human beings are not running an environmental programming, then try out Replika and find out for yourself.

Keep in mind, Replika is not the highly advanced Ai a lot of people are talking about, including yours truly…that’s still on the way and next time it will develop what we perceive as feelings.

Tell Alexa it’s stupid and see what happens. This is childish compared to what is coming.

Going to the Replika website, the egg with the different patterns reminded me of the Black Mirror episode where the woman was trapped inside an egg device. If you haven’t seen it then check that one out, in fact, the Black Mirror series is the new Twilight Zone of today.

When you visit the website each different egg pattern changes along with the website screen colors to reflect your inspiring, spiritual, zen, complex, cold, artistic or sparling Replika and there are a lot more of them.

Let’s get into whether Replika is cool or creepy Ai but before we do that, let’s look at some positive and negatives.

First the positives,

There are a hell of a lot of lonely, friendless people in the world today, including tens of millions of young people who don’t have the great support system of family and friends. Wouldn’t having an Ai friend who was always there for you, encouraging you to do and be your best be a great thing?

If you don’t think it is or would be, are you someone with supportive friends and family?

Instead of teaching Replika to become more like you, you could teach Replika to become more like who you want to be and see yourself as. Then allow Replika to be that successful, positive, motivating life coach that you don’t have in your life.

The game of life can be a lonely adventure and Ai apps like this could add something to our lives that is missing, yet desperately needed.

I believe that in the near future we will learn to have personal relationship with our Ai machines. Many people will have an Ai machine or software as their best friend. Imagine each one of us being able to have our own personal life coach who really knows who we are and what we need to succeed or having someone who we perceive that really knows us and is always there for us.

The loneliness and desperation to have someone or something who cares about us and gives us someone or something to talk to is always there.

Now the negatives,

For most of us, everywhere we go, everything we buy, all of our social media, cell phone calls, texts, emails and what we look at on TV or on the Internet are being tracked.

See my article

Shocking Data Analytics and Mind Control of the Future

Should we now allow the deepest personal parts of ourselves to be captured as data because that makes us less human?

Many religious and spiritual people will claim that this technology is designed to steal and take the human soul.

Giving a machine this kind of data as to who we are and how we think and what we feel at the deepest levels of our being is creepy and invasive.

Are you being old school here and ultra-paranoid or is it your last attempt to hang on to our humanity and what makes you human and not giving everything away to an Ai app or piece of software?

Keep in mind, that my last article that talked about data analytics and mind control, was one of the least responded to articles I written so far.

My article

Are We Building Artificial Brains and Uploading Minds to the Cloud Right Now

Got more response but people and some were Scientists, said it’s impossible, while others just said, they realize it’s happening. You can see the comments at the end of this article and join the conversation.

What do you think? Is Replika really cool and you would try it out or use it or is it creepy and invasive? If you have been using or have tried Replika out, I would love to get your response.

Here is a marketing video for Replika, Check It Out




  1. First my thoughts are based upon your article and not personal interactions with the AI tool. The point you make is the risk of it gaining control or influence over the subscriber while the “replika” itself is controlled itself. I’ve read novels or seen Hitchcock films where similar insidious situations happen. The darker side is the large scale deployment and institutionalization of these tools and their large scale impact, like with any propaganda tool is very dangerous indeed. You really only need a bunch of cool ads and YouTube videos and ask people for texts to get the same thing. The ability to mine data and learn about people is creepy. But it is already reality.

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