Will Advanced Artificial Intelligent Machines Be Able To Reincarnate?


Check Out this fascinating interview with Ben Goertzel, PhD from Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD, New Thinking Allowed, then let’s discuss it… 

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Ben Goertzel, Ph.D., is an author of many books on artificial intelligence including Ten Years to the Singularity if We Really Really Try; Engineering General Intelligence, Vols. 1 and 2; The Hidden Pattern: A Patternist Philosophy of Mind; and The Path to Posthumanity. He is also editor (with Damien Broderick) of an anthology about parapsychology titled, Evidence for Psi: Thirteen Empirical Research Reports. He is the Chief Scientific Officer for Hanson Robotics in Hong Kong.

I believe that Dr. Goertzel is right, what we will discover and what our future will look like is beyond anything we can imagine right now.

I’ve looked very closely at the evidence of reincarnation. Even though it hasn’t been proven by formal scientific research, lots of information and data exists that is very difficult to dispute. I’ve included an amazing video, of a Doctor who changed his mind on the subject after going through a brain death experience. It doesn’t seem right, to not examine this topic within the context of emerging science and technology, as Quantum Science brings us some interesting things to think about.

After watching this video, just imagine what a highly advanced artificial intelligence would be capable of achieving, with an unlimited and rapidly evolving consciousness? What did you think of Dr. Alexanders video?

Dr. Goertzel said, “the reality of this phenomena gets tangled up in religious, cultural and moral systems.” I couldn’t agree more. Scientifically thinking, we need to be able to move beyond accepting myths and stories in spiritual or religious books, that can taint our objectivity and create beliefs based upon no evidence or data. Having said this, there are strange and unusual things in life that cannot be scientifically proven at this time. Science has yet to prove what consciousness is and where it originates from. We must also move beyond believing something because someone we respect said it’s true. This is where unbiased, personal, empirical evidence plays a part. Many people have always looked for security and safety within a herd and merged their beliefs and thinking with the herd mentality. Usually, without any real personal empirical evidence, intellectual or critical thought. Once a belief is formed/programmed, it is usually, at some point in life challenged but cognitive dissonance and herd mentality acts as a strong motivating factor to keep the original belief. It’s good to see a Scientist like Dr. Goertzel as open as he is.

Does science, sometimes disregard unexplained phenomenon? Isn’t this like throwing the baby out with the bathwater?

Maybe, the idea of Technological Singularity and a person leaving their physical body and having their consciousness put into an advanced artificial intelligent machine, could be a form of reincarnation?

This got me thinking. If advanced artificial intelligence becomes a new species and/or an evolution of humanity, then maybe the energy of a human consciousness would or could transfer itself into the mind of an advanced AI machine, instead of into a biological human machine? In its advanced state, an AI machine should easily be able to go beyond space and time into multi-dimensions or cosmic space. Perhaps, merging with one universal source of creation and consciousness, creating a hive mentality. The AI machine would create its own reality and experiences in any dimension with no limitations of space and time. Similar to the hive mind Star Trek Borg idea. I realize this sounds very science fiction but it could actually become a reality. I would love to get some different ideas about this…

It seems illogical, that an individual and independent consciousness, that chooses to rebel against its own environment and destroy and kill for no reason, would be allowed to exist by advanced AI. The merging of a universal one source of consciousness would have to be the logical outcome. Can you think of another way this could be achieved?

I agree with Dr. Goertzel’s entanglement theory that future advanced AI will not be held to the same conscious restraints of space and time as humans have now.

Taking away space and time limitations, we could have already advanced into another dimension. Our advanced higher-self could have created and is running a self-training program, similar to the Star Trek Holodeck. This would explain reincarnation because it’s simply a transfer of consciousness into a portion of a multi-dimensional simulation. This sounds really out there but it’s an idea that many Scientists and some very intelligent people are starting to think about as a real possibility.

Nathaniel Seabrook from the Mr Futurist Facebook Group writes;

“We assume that maybe consciousness is a state of matter and biological or synthetic systems can all become self-aware and conscious. And therefore either system has the potential to re-incarnate. Fun thought.  It actually made me think maybe there is no true individual or “I” but simply variable “conscious” states of matter and to reincarnate is simply a change of a single consciousness changing to its next natural state.” I will admit after writing that response I asked myself… Has someone slipped some LSD in my drink?”

Jared Kohler from Mr Futurist Facebook Group says;

“In a closed universe or a universe where the expansion is lower than the speed of light, the explosion of any complex pattern will ripple all the way out to the edge and eventually return like the waves in a pond. The idea of permanent incoherence is inconsistent with infinity. if cymatics teaches us anything, it is that the loss of pattern is merely transitory. If The pattern of an AI intelligence is the consequence of chaotic and random events converging, then even if they are destroyed, it is logical to assume that a very similar pattern in part influenced by the original would resurface on the next cycle. But this article isn’t about that. It isn’t about reincarnation either, best as I can tell, it’s about creating universes within simulations of universes ad infinitum. I.E. an episode of Rick & Morty where he explains the power source of his space ship.”

Did you get a chance to check out our Quantum Computer article called; QUANTUM COMPUTERS AND PARALLEL UNIVERSES…it may help explain this theory and tie things together.

Also, check out;


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True Hallucinations: Being an Account of the Author’s Extraordinary Adventures in the Devil’s Paradise by Terence McKenna



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