Proof That Everything is a Simulation – A Theory of Everything


This is a well done video that offers a theory of everything and a model that explains how our simulated reality is constructed and how it works. In this article, I’ve summarized the amazing ideas in this video with my own comments.

Let’s get into some of the things discussed in “We Are Living In A Simulation – New Evidence!” from Real Spirit Dynamics.

The Future Creates the Past, then the Past Creates the Future

A higher dimensional Quasicrystal creates a 4D Quasicrystal that then projects a 3D Quasicrystal which is the fundamental substructure of all reality. Quasicrystals, angles and light form these dimensional projections.

Now this gets really strange!

Science does not know the exact value of the speed of light or what consciousness is. According to the video, we have to have a scientific theory of what light is and why it’s important to be able to measure its exact value. Although, we don’t know lights exact speed and use a mathematical theory as to what it is.

Einstein’s theory of relativity and Quantum Mechanics are both based upon an approximation of the speed of light and not an exact measurement.

A Theory of Everything

Is life a simulation

Seven Clues in Nature to What a Theory of Everything Looks Like

  • Information
  • Causality Loops
  • Non Determinism
  • Consciousness
  • Pixelation
  • E8 Crystal
  • Golden Ratio

Let’s Explore These Seven Clues in Nature

Reality is made up of Information

Information is symbolism and all symbols convey information. Everything is a code and the code makes up symbols, which expresses information and this information and its meaning create what we perceive as reality.

This made me think of how we all come into the world de-coding life and interpreting the meaning of symbols from nothing. We have no relation to anything at first but develop everything through data (symbols) and information from that data. In fact, we develop a programming that we run our entire lives on from this data. A program made up of stored and newly stored information. All of our experiences and the beliefs and the emotional traits that came out of these experiences.

Throughout human history and even today with corporate logos (symbols), humanity has and is expressing spiritual and cultural ideas using symbols.

Logo comes from the Greek: λόγος logos “word” and τύπος typos “imprint”.

Many corporate logos used today are based upon ancient spiritual and cultural symbols. These logos express an impression or impressions on the human psyche using colors, shapes and a word or words. Corporations further define their logo and name through emotional impression(s) using repetitive creative advertising using the symbol (logo) and the company’s name.

Not only is reality is made up symbols containing and representing information but this information is transferred and embedded into our human psyche.

Think about all the corporate logos and the catchy commercial jingles and memorable phrases associated with them that you can recall, even though you haven’t heard them for many years.

McDonald’s “I’m…

State Farm “Like a…

The Best Part of Waking Up…

Two All Beef Patties, Special Sauce…

Most baby boomers in the U.S. minds were held hostage with these commercials constantly playing on commercial television for decades.

“It is through symbols that man consciously or unconsciously lives, works and has his being.”       ~ Thomas Carlyle

An excellent, short article from Psychology Today called, “The Inner Language of the Subconscious” talks about how symbols influence the subconscious mind.

Reality is made up of Information and that information comes from symbols that engage and stimulate our senses on a subconscious level.

Reality is Geometric

Meaning is subjective and comes from the information we have stored in our life experience data base as a programmed response.

Okay ready for Some Mind Blowing Information…

Causality Loops

“The past and the future exist together simultaneously in one geometric object.”

All time exists, all the time.

“Everything everywhere in one frozen moment of time and the past influences the future and the future influences the past in an endless feedback loop. Time is affecting all time, all the time. Every moment is co-creating ever other moment both forward and backward in time.”

I have a theory that we are always in different dimensions of consciousness based upon our conscious decisions and the actions and non-actions behind those decisions. All of these different dimensions of consciousness are connected to our life experience data base and our programmed responses to data or perceived life experience and events.

Each dimension we enter is almost an exact replica of the past dimension we jumped from. The simulation changes our perceived environment and experience based upon our actions and non-actions coming from our programming.

If you’re interested in my simulation theory, I wrote an article called, “Are We Living in a Holographic Simulation and What is Creating It?”

Non Determinism

According to the video, the idea of reality being a pre-determined program, playing itself out by some type of god is an idea that no longer makes sense.

It does seem like we are all living in a simulation that is a pre-determined program based upon our environmental programming and the thoughts and actions behind that program. In other words, all of our actions and even non actions effect and make changes to the simulation programming we experience as life.

Since you cannot choose your parents and the environment you were are raised in, which develops your environmental programming, you have very little control of your perception and view of the world. You also experience things that you have little or no control of that impact your environmental programming and perceived reality at different levels. Therefore, it appears that you are in a simulated environment that tests your base environmental programming and changes based upon your thoughts and actions in it.

You are who you are now because of all of your life or environmental experiences, and the  beliefs, thoughts, actions and non-actions from your thoughts.

The Double Slit Experiment Rules Out Determinism

Here is a video explaining the Double Slit Experiment.

When a particle changes its predictable behavior and form based upon non-observation and becomes a chaotic wave, determinism can be put to rest.

The double slit experiment in physics is known as cause-and-effect.

Consciousness and Free Will

Reality Only Exists When It Is Observed

John Wheeler

(July 9, 1911 – April 13, 2008) was an American theoretical physicist. He was largely responsible for reviving interest in general relativity in the United States after World War II. Wheeler also worked with Niels Bohr in explaining the basic principles behind nuclear fission. He is best known for linking the term “black hole” to objects with gravitational collapse already predicted early in the 20th century, for coining the terms “quantum foam”, “neutron moderator”, “wormhole” and “it from bit”, and for hypothesizing the “one-electron universe”. (1)

“It from bit symbolizes the idea that every item of the physical world has at bottom — at a very deep bottom, in most instances — an immaterial source and explanation; that which we call reality arises in the last analysis from the posing of yes-no questions and the resistering of equipment-evoked responses; in short, that all things physical are information-theoretic in origin and that this is a participatory universe.” (2)  ~ John Wheeler

“Did consciousness and information emerge in a Causality Feedback loop?”

Let’s catch Up On All Of This

The past and the future exist together simultaneously creating each other in a geometric object created by a higher dimensional quasicrystal. All time exists, all the time in a causality Loop. Everything exists as information because everything is information. All of life is non-determined and consciousness has free will because of the fact that reality is only observable when it’s being observed.

Pixelation Is A Mind Blowing Concept

Werner Heisenberg has shown that we live in a Pixelated World.

The Pixelation theory is interesting because everything does pixelate at some point. Until a mathematical formula is created dis-proving pixelation, then pixelation is something we should consider and another thing that strongly points towards our world being a simulated reality.

E8 Crystal

I won’t go into what an E8 Crystal is and how it works. The video does a good job of explaining an E8 Crystal. What is really amazing is how the Golden Ratio found throughout nature plays a part in this simulation.

Golden Ratio

The Golden Ratio appearing in black holes is an amazing idea and one I want to investigate further.

Pantheism derives from the Greek πᾶν pan (meaning “all, of everything”) and θεός theos (meaning “god, divine”).

“My father believed in the God of Spinoza and Einstein, God not behind nature, but as nature, equivalent to it. ~ Dorion Sagan – Dazzle Gradually: Reflections on the Nature of Nature

The theory that everything we call life and conciseness is a coded simulation in some universal super computer makes sense. At some point in our own technological revolution we will be able to create simulated living universes.

Are we already in another dimension creating a conscious experience for ourselves or is there something that has already achieved this level of scientific and technological advancement?

The simulated reality idea is something that fascinates me and I will be writing more on it and examining more theories as to what it is or could be. Look for more future articles like this on Mr Futurist.


(1) John Archibald Wheeler

(2) From the paper “Information, Physics, Quantum: The Search for Links” which appeared in Complexity, Entropy and the Physics of Information edited by Wojciech H. Zurek (1990), p. 5.

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