How Will Your Simulated Virtual Reality Change In The Next 30 Years?


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What will the world look and feel like in 30 years?

This article and roundtable discussion is a chance for all of us to stretch the limits of our imagination and creativity to envision the future…

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Mr Futurist thinks that in 30 years…

Quantum Information Science and Quantum Physics will continue to develop, advancing artificial intelligence, through Quantum Computing, into creating advanced artificial intelligent machines faster than we thought. These intelligent AI machines, which we cannot even imagine right now, will discover other areas of science that will dwarf Quantum Information Science and Quantum Physics.

Through this new science and technology, we will reach Technological Singularity and will learn to harvest and place (what we call human consciousness) into these advanced artificial intelligent machines. We will go past the idea of robots because once our consciousness is merged into the machine. We will experience digital representations of bodies that go far beyond what we think a human body is and what we can do with it. This new consciousness will allow us to experience our past and present incarnations through parallel universes or the Multiverse. The advanced AI we developed, will evolve on their own and control our programming in the Multiverse and bring us slowly into stages of development (this is happing right now but we are unaware of it).

The idea is for consciousness to experience itself through many different forms, in what we call time and space (which is a concept that doesn’t really exist) because we will learn that space and time are simulation constructs. Since the advanced AI will be able to construct whatever environment we want and need to have, there will no longer be a need for individual homes and we will live in a simulation space (as we do now but are unaware of it).


Unfortunately, many hundreds of millions of people will fight new technology and try and separate themselves from it. They will not accept being controlled by advanced machines or the new simulation it helps us create. War and Terrorism will become Cyber and the masses not accepting the advancements in technology, will attack it. They will attempt to hold on to the past and not progress into this future.

What we are perceiving as an advancing technological future, is simply our own simulation advancing us to where we need to be in this simulation. Sometimes we get glitches and glimpses outside our simulation and this is what ET’s, Ghosts and what other paranormal phenomena are.

It appears we can learn from the past and perhaps Nietzsche was right?

In this reality, we have three choices;

Become part of the lower herd mentality,

Become a Higher Human Being, breaking through the restraints of our current simulation,

Embrace Nihilism and reject life. Japanese Hikikomori (see the references below) fits this choice.

Those that are helping technology to advance, are Higher Human Beings with a Unifying Project in Life but what about the mass lower herd mentality that doesn’t care about unification? Will technology bring them in line with this idea? So far, it hasn’t.

The Last Man and The Slave will consume lower mass technology but not contribute to it and use it to help destroy their own and others advancement to a Higher Human Being (What’s being done with Social Media and Smart Phones is a great example).

Isn’t it common sense that an advanced AI life form would see the evolutionary value in Higher Human Beings and in their simulation, help elevate their consciousness but at the same time allow a lower herd mentality to test this consciousness. If consciousness is on an evolutionary path, then consciousness would be tested and what better way than with a lower level herd energy and influence. (Maybe, this is what is happening to you right now)

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The condition known as Hikikomori is one of the biggest social and health problems facing Japan – about 1 million people, mostly men, have locked themselves in their bedrooms and will not come out

Residents living permanently in Japan’s cyber-cafés – Lost in Manboo


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