U.S. Population Not Preparing For A Rapidly Approaching Technological Tsunami?


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According to a Map by NPR;

In 29 out of 50 U.S. states, Truck and Delivery Driver is the top profession. Only 4 states list Computer Software Developer as the top profession. (Take a look at the article and map below in the reference section) (1)

According to Google Trends on April 25th, 2017, most people worldwide and in the U.S. are not searching for articles or information on Emerging Technology 

There are more searches for Emerging Technology in India and Australia than in the U.S. Why do you think this is the happening?

This Google Trends map shows U.S. searches and interest in Emerging Technology.

 Why are these states more interested in Emerging Technology than the rest of the country?

I believe a rapidly approaching Technological Tsunami is quickly approaching the U.S. and the world. While countries like India and China are preparing for it, the U.S. seems to have fallen asleep.  What do you think?

Brandon Lee Porter from the Mr Futurist Facebook Group writes in response to this article:

“I think for the vast majority they don’t really care. And why should they really? I mean they aren’t the ones behind the advances and they will adopt them as quickly as we saw with smart-phones, internet, etc.

My grandparents have the latest smart phones, computers, TV’s with cams, and virtually everything a middle-income home can have, and they are far from tech savvy or interested in current research and tech that is on the cusp right now. I personally don’t think a lack of interest in emerging tech from the masses will really have any effect on future progress.

And at the event horizon of the singularity, I don’t think any of us are prepared. Can you be prepared for a complete unknown?”

I asked, what about tens of millions of people losing their jobs to AI and many industries being automated by machines. Won’t that affect a lot of people?

Mr. Porter response is,

“It will affect people when jobs start going to machines, but I think creeping normalcy will bring about the change in a way that won’t be too shocking to the masses. However, an important caveat to this is that we have mechanisms like UBI in place to shield people from poverty. If handled and “sold” well, many would actually look forward to and embrace, having a machine take over their likely meaningless job which they derive very little to no joy from. I think that machines taking jobs is a separate but not completely divorced issue from the populous researching tech trends. They will know about it shortly after it really starts to happen. And we will likely adapt in short order.

One theory I have for the decreased amount of searches or interest is that education systems have been pretty far behind in science and math here. So a less scientifically literate populous would lose out on interest and innovation. I think that may be what we are seeing.”

I agree and think that science and math are not given the status they should be in the U.S. education. There is also a lot of political and media distraction in the U.S. right now and many people seem to be caught up emotionally in it. I think this distraction and media propaganda has a lot to do with it.


June 10th 2017 – It’s Offical, China now leads the world in AI research and development

China Creates National Lab to Lead World in Brain-Like Artificial Intelligence

What do you think?

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