Simulation Theory

Simulated Virtual Reality

What will the world look and feel like in 30 years? This article and roundtable discussion is a chance for all of us to stretch the limits of our imagination and creativity to envision the future… Please contribute to this discussion by adding your thoughts and ideas to this article. Please see, How Mr Futurist Works for more information. Mr Futurist thinks that in 30 years… Quantum Information Science and Quantum Physics will continue to develop, advancing artificial intelligence, through Quantum Computing, into creating advanced artificial intelligent machines faster than we thought. These intelligent AI machines, which we cannot even imagine right now, will discoverRead More →


Please check out this video from Thoughty2 and then let’s discuss the Mandela Effect below and my theory of what caused it… I’m going to share my thoughts, data and ideas of what I think the Mandela Effect is. Please share your comments, ideas and data as well. This is what Mr Futurist is all about. To learn more about how Mr Futurist works and how you can contribute to this website and this article and other articles, Check Out – HOW MR FUTURIST WORKS Now let’s get into a discussion on the Mandela Effect and my ideas of what is causing it. I believe thatRead More →

Holographic Simulation

“It is widely felt that if there is to be any general world view, it should be taken as the ‘received’ and ‘final’ notion concerning the nature of reality. But my attitude has, from the beginning, been that our notions concerning cosmology and the general nature of reality are in a continuous process of development, and that one may have to start with ideas that are merely some sort of improvement over what has thus far been available and to go on from there to ideas that are better.” ~ David Bohm, Wholeness and the Implicate Order I present my simulation theory as something that canRead More →