This is a well done video that offers a theory of everything and a model that explains how our simulated reality is constructed and how it works. In this article, I’ve summarized the amazing ideas in this video with my own comments. Let’s get into some of the things discussed in “We Are Living In A Simulation – New Evidence!” from Real Spirit Dynamics. The Future Creates the Past, then the Past Creates the Future A higher dimensional Quasicrystal creates a 4D Quasicrystal that then projects a 3D Quasicrystal which is the fundamental substructure of all reality. Quasicrystals, angles and light form these dimensional projections.Read More →

I’m trying to keep Mr Futurist ad free so please support me on my Patreon page. A few weeks ago, I discussed Replika the Ai ap you train to be your best friend and asked if it was creepy or cool? If you haven’t checked out that article here is a link Replika Really Cool or Creepy Artificial Intelligence What I confirmed from the responses to this story is that most people will read online reviews about what other people, people they don’t know, are saying about something to get their opinion of it. Interesting. Why not try it yourself, can you really trust reviewsRead More →

Please help keep Mr Futurist ad free by becoming a Patreon member. The link to my Patreon account is below. I appreciate your support. The question today is, do you think Replika is really cool artificial intelligence and you cannot wait to use it or is it a creepy, invasive, soul stealing app that is going too far? In case you don’t know what Replika is? From Replika’s website; “Replika is your Ai friend that you teach and grow in conversations. Your Replika learns from you, matches your personality and becomes your best friend. Start growing your Replika today.” Replika asks you questions, and basedRead More →

Help Support Mr Futurist and Keep Us Ad Free Here If Data Analytics and Analysis is being used today to predict and control what we purchase, what we spend our time on and how we vote in political elections, what are its future uses? This technology will only become more powerful and accurate over time. Is this an advanced form of mind control? How will Data Analytics and Analysis be used in the future and who or what will be in control of it? Cambridge Analytica made an amazing claim that it has psychological profiles based on 5,000 separate pieces of data on 220 million AmericanRead More →

Help Support Mr Futurist and Keep Us Ad Free Here Last week, a U.S. House Committee gave its approval for the SELF DRIVE Act, a bill that introduces breakthrough legislation in favor of autonomous vehicles. The bill could pass Congress before the end of 2017, ushering in a new era in self-driving tech. In a report published in 2016, the White House estimated that nearly 3.1 million drivers working today could have their jobs automated by autonomous vehicles. From the same article, 80% to 100% of nearly 1.7 million drivers’ jobs will be automated. The White House predicts delivery drivers and self-employed drivers for on-demandRead More →

Welcome to Mr Futurist’s first weekly podcast where I discuss what going on in emerging science and technology. Help Support Mr Futurist and Keep Us Ad Free Here Scientists have successfully edited the first human embryo in the U.S. using CRISPR. CRISPR is a gene editing technique that can modify any region of the genome of any species with high precision accuracy. Modifying a species to have certain characteristics or traits. If you’re curious as to what CRISPR is, I have added a link below to an excellent video from Futurist that explains what CRISPR is and what it can be used for, all inRead More →

Help Support Mr Futurist and Keep Us Ad Free Here We may live in a Universe that is expanding but the one constant in our world is that it seems to be heading toward the extinction of the biological human species. Not getting into mass extinction events like a global pandemic, nuclear war, a major sunburst, there are things happening that can seriously impact the future of the human race. There is a lot of talk about global warming, man-made or not, but there is no denying that something is happening. “In 2016, surface temperatures on Earth were the warmest that they have been sinceRead More →

Here is a great video from Thoughty2 about a really important subject. After the video lets discuss Cyber Nihilism. Help Support Mr Futurist and Keep Us Ad Free Here As of right now, we are not seeing a large neo-luddism or cyber-luddism movement in the U.S. Many younger and older people seem to be busy addressing their emotional impulses towards political left or right wing policies and other issues, that they feel take away or limit their personal freedom.  The mainstream and Internet left and right- wing news media, is obsessed and profiting from this surge of political and social angst. I’ve talked to a lot ofRead More →

Help Support Mr Futurist and Keep Us Ad Free Here Amazing news this week. It was announced that; “We found a world that we had never imagined, said Henry Markram, director of Blue Brain Project. “There are tens of millions of these objects even in a small speck of the brain, up through seven dimensions. In some networks, we even found structures with up to eleven dimensions.”(1) Scientists at the Blue Brain Project have found tens of millions of objects in a small speck of the brain that are multidimensional and have found that the brain operates on up to 11 different dimensions at theRead More →

Help Support Mr Futurist and Keep Us Ad Free Here When people post their emotional responses to social media and through their free email account(s), they are loading their human personal emotional responses, judgments, and biases into a large computer and cloud database?  Everything we post and respond to is data somewhere. The truth is, hundreds of millions of people around the planet do this every day, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Most people are more than happy to tell hundreds or even thousands of people that don’t even know, how they think, what they are thinking about, how they’re feeling, whatRead More →